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Who We Are

The Edo State Fire Service  symbolizing a legacy of steadfast dedication to safeguarding lives, property, and the environment from the perils of fire in Edo State.

Edo State Fire Service

Our primary objectives encompass:

1. Efficient and effective extinguishment of fires.
2. Rigorous control and prevention of fires.
3. Dedicated protection of lives and properties.
4. Provision of additional humanitarian services to the community.

The Edo State Fire Service is dedicated to:

1. Active engagement in firefighting, disaster handling, and rescue operations.
2. Providing expert advice on fire prevention to the general public, industries, and institutions.
3. Conducting regular fire drills and physical training sessions for public, industrial, and institutional sectors.
4. Conducting thorough fire and disaster investigations.
5. Recommending the issuance of certificates for public and private buildings.
6. Initiating and preparing memoranda for policy development and formulation.


“To develop a safe and conducive environment for social economic growth through adequate public enlightenment campaigns of fire prevention and control.”


“To guarantee the secure and efficient delivery of services in fire prevention, control, extinguishing, with a focus on minimizing casualties, property damage, and ultimately reducing economic losses.”


Godwin Obaseki

Executive Governor, Edo State

Rt. Hon. Philip Shaibu

Deputy Governor, Edo State

Hon Uwagbale Kingsley

Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Public Security and Safety.

Benin Airport's Fire Safety Campaign

“Prioritizing Your Safety. Join us in spreading awareness and equipping our team with vital skills to ensure a secure environment for all.”


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